Evil Dead 2013 – Another Drawing

The Evil Dead 2013 Drawing post on my site seems to have become one of the most popular pages here, thanks to everyone who retweeted and shared the link at various places.  I think it was one of the earliest pieces of Fan Artwork to be put online for the movie, and that’s why it got noticed.  Besides, I think that’s a pretty good poster for the movie, if I do say so myself!  I did another piece of artwork based on the movie, this one done entirely digitally, on my Micromax Canvas HD phone.  Here it is –

Evil Dead 2013 Fan Art - Drawing by Karthik AbhiramThis was done using a few apps – the basic drawing itself was done on Sketch Guru (the app seems to have been renamed to Paint Joy now), I then got it into Snapseed and added the textures, grunge look and the frame, and then finally took it into Pixlr Express to add the text.

The drawing is based on the opening scene of the movie, that shows a possessed girl.  That scene is probably up there on the list of effective movie opening scenes – it really gets you into the movie!

Here is the drawing sans text, if the language is not your cup of tea –

Evil Dead 2013 Drawing 2 - Artwork by Karthik AbhiramMany months after I did that early fan art for Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead 2013, I finally got to see the movie.  Sadly, the movie was not theatrically released in India, due to the graphic violence and blood, so I had to wait till it was released on disc.  The movie is very well done, I will write a detailed review of it in another post.

[UPDATE 13-AUG-13]:

Here is a video showing how this drawing was made –

I filmed it on my Nokia 808 PureView phone.  The music used is a remix of “Closer/Last” by Nine Inch Nails.




Evil Dead 2013 Drawing

I have been a fan of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series of movies for many years now.  The three movies – The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness – are critically acclaimed as well, and one might even say that they have achieved cult classic status.  Over the last several years, there has been talk of another Evil Dead movie – either a Part 4, or a remake.  None of that actually materialised however… till now.

Of late, a remake of the first movie has been announced, being directed by Fede Alvarez with Diablo Cody contributing to the screenplay.  I had only a passing interest in it, but the first red-band trailer (trailer intended for adult audiences) for the movie made me sit up and pay attention.  It was so bloody and gory that it screamed to be noticed – and that inspired the below drawing –

The new movie seems to follow the broad template of The Evil Dead – a group of young people discover the Book of the Dead in a cabin in the woods, and on reciting passages from that book, evil spirits possess their bodies and mayhem ensues.  The remake seems to be very serious in tone, though.  They’ve also dropped the “the” in the title, this new one is simply called Evil Dead.

Here, see the notorious trailer for yourself (warning: lots of blood and gruesome stuff) –

This trailer was originally screened at the New York Comic Con, and it found its way online in a bootleg version (someone recorded it off the screen and posted it), which is what I first saw.  The studio posted the official version a few days later.

For making the drawing, I followed my usual process – I took several screenshots from the trailer and used them as reference.  The drawing was done using primarily a black ballpoint pen, but a black marker was also used for solid black areas, and all the blood was done with a red gel pen.  A slight touch of blue ballpoint pen is also seen – on the guy with the chainsaw.

After completing the drawing, I scanned it in and then adjusted the contrast in Photoshop Elements.  I also overlaid two paper textures (bashcorpo’s texture 5 and 6 – these two are favourites of mine and I’ve used them very often), and then added the logo and the text.

The logo is actually sourced from a screenshot from the trailer.  I boosted the contrast and then inverted the image, leaving a nice solid black title.  The font used for the rest of the text is Univers – a typeface from the 1950s/60s, which I believe adds to the ‘old’ look of the poster.

I came up with the caption.  The first part “Within the woods…” is a reference to Within the Woods, a 30-minute film that was a precursor to The Evil Dead.  The rest of it is taken from the trailer (the trailer says “Evil Lives Again”).

I am eagerly waiting to see the movie!  IMDb says the movie’s release date is 12 April 2013 in the US, and the Worldwide Release Dates page from the official site says that it’s going to be released in India on 26 April 2013.