Karthik82.com is the website of Karthik Abhirama Krishna from India.

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What you are seeing right now is the 2012 “reboot” of the website.  This site has existed for a very long time – the ‘historic’ / archived version is here: http://historic.karthik82.com.  The content there is preserved as-is, since I wrote the code for that myself.  The present website runs on WordPress.

Karthik Abhirama Krishna

Most of my artwork is related to movies.  My art is almost entirely traditional – I use pencil or pen on paper, scan or photograph the artwork and then edit in Photoshop Elements.

In November 2011, I gave a presentation at Pecha Kucha Night Hyderabad Volume 6, about my Movie Fan Artwork.  You can watch the video below, it would give you a good idea about my art and the inspirations behind it.

Photography is a relatively newer hobby of mine.  I used to take photos with the cameras on my mobile phones (in some situations, I still do – I have a Nokia N8 which has a very nice camera) till I bought my first DSLR in April 2011.

This is the photography gear I use:

  • Canon EOS 550D
  • Canon 18-55mm (kit) lens
  • Canon 55-250mm lens
  • Canon 50mm f1.8 II lens
  • Canon Speedlite 580 EX II flash

I have a Sony VAIO E Series laptop on which I produce all the stuff that I post online (including this blog).  The laptop came with Adobe Photoshop Elements 8, which I use for most of my image stuff, and Windows Movie Maker for video editing.  I shoot video mostly with my N8 phone camera (it records video in 720p HD).

EDIT Jul-12: I upgraded my Nokia N8 phone to the new awesome Nokia 808 PureView device.  I am very much enjoying taking photos with it and henceforth would use this for shooting video.

Contact me: +91 99591 55953, karthik82 AT gmail DOT com

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