Post from @DailyMovieSketch

Post from @DailyMovieSketch
#DAILYMOVIESKETCH COMPLETES ONE YEAR! Last year in the month of April I had an idea to start an @instagram account for my artwork. Inspired by @inktober, I thought I'd make it an account where I post a drawing every day. Since I love movies, I decided that all these would be movie related sketches, and on 4-Apr-16 (4 × 4 = 16), I created @dailymoviesketch. A Facebook page followed a few days later. For around 4 months, I actually did one sketch every day, and posted them before midnight. I did sketches in other cities, on airplanes, on trains and in hotel rooms. After that I couldn't continue the daily schedule due to work, but I did do the #Inktober project in full this year (31 sketches, one for every day of October), something I never managed to do before. Now I've moved to posting once in every 2-3 days, but am making the sketches more detailed and posting scans as opposed to photos. And that brings us to today, which marks a whole year that this account has been online! I'd like to thank all my followers and friends for the tremendous support you've shown, it really motivates me to do better every time. It has been an incredible learning experience for me, still a long way to go. This is the 245th sketch here. The very first sketch I did was one of Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace from one of my all time favourite movies, Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction". I thought it'd be appropriate to mark this milestone also with a Mia Wallace drawing. So here you go! Drawn with 0.5mm 2B mechanical pencil on @cansonpaper, scanned and coloured in Photoshop. I'll post a photo of the drawing on @karthikabhiram.#245 / 4-Apr-17
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