Items of Interest – 6-Feb-12 to 12-Feb-12

I’d been at Chandigarh the last few days, hence was not very active in updating, also need to check out some of the new trailers (The Bourne Legacy trailer is out I’ve heard).

I am writing this post from Delhi Airport, since my flight to Hyderabad will depart only at 9:30 PM.

Here are the tweets from the last week:

  • 12-Feb-12: Hahaha… Right 🙂 RT @funnyhumour RT @funnyoneliners: The enemy of your enemy is you, stupid. RT @rejecter
  • 11-Feb-12: The Oatmeal – My Daily Lie (by @Oatmeal)
  • 11-Feb-12: RT @The_DudeDesigns Video Covers 2011
  • 11-Feb-12: At the gym: who is looking at whom
  • 11-Feb-12: FontSquirrel – Open Sans Condensed
  • 11-Feb-12: Excuses, Excuses…
  • 11-Feb-12: Nice And Splattery MACHETE KILLS Promo Art!!
  • 11-Feb-12: RT @vantaskigoli @josephradhik I love the way you lie. In a pool of blood.
  • 11-Feb-12: xkcd – Car Problems
  • 11-Feb-12: Awesome one from xkcd – Kerning
  • 10-Feb-12: RT @RGVzoomin “@pranavreddy4RGV:we live in a era of smart phones nd stupid people”
  • 8-Feb-12: RT @atulkasbekar Sixteen Things Calvin and Hobbes Said Better Than Anyone Else
  • 7-Feb-12: RT @MeeraGanapathi @josephradhik With great power comes great electricity bill.
  • 7-Feb-12: The Inner Workings
  • 7-Feb-12: RT @zombeaner For all of my Telugu speaking followers: CHAMPESTA!!!!
  • 6-Feb-12: RT @Galactica_gk Chronicle
  • 6-Feb-12: RT @funnyoneliners NEWSFLASH: Mankind’s intelligence is decreasing. Details at … uh … when the big hand is on the…
  • 6-Feb-12: RT @purisubzi The ass haiku –
  • 6-Feb-12: Nice review! I agree with him.. RT @Galactica_gk My Spoiler-Free review for- The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (English)
  • 6-Feb-12: They’ve changed the signs for “First Floor”, “Second Floor” etc at office. Bold text is in Helvetica whereas the regular weight is in Arial.
  • 6-Feb-12: RT @kunaldgp Never say “I’ll be back”. You won’t be. 😀 #HowToSurviveAHorrorMovie
  • 6-Feb-12: RT @funnyhumour What’s so superb about this owl anyway?
  • 6-Feb-12: RT @funnyhumour “Queen celebrates 60 years on throne.” Wow. That is one big dump.
  • 6-Feb-12: RT @funnyhumour What concert costs 45cents? 50 Cent featuring Nickleback.
  • 6-Feb-12: RT @edgarwright Today, Superbowl 46 is on TV. Will I be able to follow it if I haven’t seen the other 45?
  • 6-Feb-12: RT @zombeaner -b +/- sqrt (b^2 – 4ac) / 2a #QuadraticEquationBitches
  • 6-Feb-12: RT @omgthatspunny Now matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationery. #punny

As per the email received through Timehop, last year at around this time, I was preparing to attend the first volume of Comic Con India.  I also tweeted about the X-Men: First Class trailer being absolutely kick-ass, and had identified the music from the trailer as “Half the Man” by Kopius Few and Methodic Doubt.

I was going to make a detailed post about Pecha Kucha Nights Hyderabad Vol 7, but I think that will happen only once I get back to Hyderabad.  Anyway, they have started uploading videos of the talks from that day.  You can see the talks on the official PKNHyd YouTube Channel.

Nakama Creations and Planet Green Pictures released their latest short film called i2 (i square).  It was very good – I will write more about it later.  For now, you can watch the film here (17 min, Telugu and English with English subtitles) –

More updates to come after I get back to Hyderabad.  Will be uploading photos from Rose Garden and Rock Garden that I visited when I was in Chandigarh.